Matthew White

I met 23 year old Matthew White at a jockstrap contest recently and in my haze, I recall offering to do photographs of him. I ask a lot of guys the same thing, but I rarely get any response. Turns out he contacted me the very next day and we set up an appointment.Matthew played along with all my goofy ideas, including shooting his load on a Bible. He had no problem whatsoever doing it, despite threats of eternal damnation, but then again, practically everything we do every day could send us straight to hell for some reason. If you have something to comment about whether cumming on a Bible is appropriate or not, please add your comments. I can't WAIT for the crazy Kristian to get a hold of this video!Matthew was a real trooper, as they say in the theater. For this set of photos, he posed in outfits he brought from home... a neoprene vest and hot pants, a leather jockstrap from Nasty Pig, and a set of leather lederhosen. I thought he looked adorable and cuddly, and that furry little treasure trail was driving me nuts! And look at that perfectly shaped, round little butt! I hate to say it, but hot pants like those should only be worn by guys his age.
Featuring:  Matthew White
Release Date: 09/24/2017