Tag and Kai

I went to a party with bunch of friends I knew from Burning Man, and the only cute gay boys at the party were Tag and Kai, so we immediately gravitated to each other. We struck up a conversation while they were both naked in the hot tub getting frisky. Kai asked me what I do for a living, and I told him, "I make gay porn." He asked if I needed models, and I said, "Hell, yeah!"They are not a "couple", they prefer the term "co-conspirators", but they are very comfortable and uninhibited with each other. Being fellow "Burners" we were obligated to get a little creative with the shoot. They brought a load of costumes to portray a different "look" for a porn video. Whatever. I just wanted to see them naked!They were so comfortable with each other they giggled and tickled and whispered things to each other I didn't understand, but it worked out great. Kai made Tag (the uncut blonde bottom) save up his jizz for a whole week, and when he finally got to shoot his load, it was definitely worth it, spattering in all directions.
Featuring:  Kai, Tag
Release Date: 09/28/2017