Tommy Lazzari and Lance Navarro

These two had just started dating and contacted me to document what they thought was some strong sexual chemistry between them. Seldom do cameras get to capture the unbridled passion at the onset of a love affair, and they trusted me as the only person that could film it properly. They were perfectly comfortable fucking like rabbits while I just let the camera roll to capture it. Tommy is a combination Leather daddy/top/bear cub/actor/singer/playwrite and Lance Navarro is an up and coming kinky porn star with a hair chest and cute beard. The Bonus scene includes footage of Lance inserting 'Sounds' (long stainless steel rods) into his urethra and making it bounce up and down. He instructed Tommy how to do it for the first time to his shock and amazement.If you like big hairy guys with full of passion and cum, be sure to sign up to see more!
Release Date: 05/11/2017